Chinese Herbal Medicine

Jade Mountain Health uses chinese herbal medicine which has been in use for over
Jade Mountain Health uses chinese herbal medicine which has been in use for over
Jade Mountain Health uses chinese herbal medicine which has been in use for over

Chinese herbal medicine has been in use for over 3000 years steeped in a tradition that used empirical evidence (actual results) as a guide for its use and efficacy. The earliest known recording of herbal formulas dates to the end of the third century B.C.

Currently there are over 4000 herbs in the Chinese apothecary and about as many formulas using combinations of these herbs. Chinese herbs are safe and effective working gently and bringing the body into balance without negative side-effects.

The use of Chinese herbal medicine is still widespread throughout Asia commonly used along side of western medicine to effect a cure in difficult cases. Chinese herbs can usually be taken harmoniously with most western medications though you should be sure to consult with your doctor before considering an herbal formulation.

A typical formula consists of an average of seven separate herbs that are cooked together to make a broth or tea. This tea is then divided into doses and then taken over days or weeks to effect a cure on the specific ailment. Chinese herbs though more complicated to take (do to cooking process and the inconvenience of portability) tend to have a very nourishing effect on those who take them. The taste is also somewhat of a deterrent that keeps people from following through with their necessary dosage but typically, after your body acquire a taste for them, they become quite flavorful.

These inconveniences, however, can be avoided by taking an herbal formula that has already been concentrated through a process that powders the herbs after they have been cooked into a tea. This powder is easily carried and is typically administered by mixing it in a cup of warm water.

Chinese herbs can bring about a rapid cure when used correctly by a skilled practitioner though this also depends on the severity or duration of the disease being treated. Typically an improvement will be noticed after the first treatment though some experience a healing crisis in which symptoms seem to get worse before they get better, though this is rare and short lived. In most cases improvements in other areas of the physiology will be noticed as the body begins to heal. This is due to Chinese Medicine paradigm which is focused on balancing the body as a whole not just a part.

It is with this in mind that we approach each and every patient and design a formula for your specific needs. Our training and our commitment will have you on your way to balance and harmony. Please visit our testimonials page to read how others have benefited from the wonders of Chinese herblism.