Success Stories

  • I chose to try Acupuncture after Western Medicine was not giving me options I felt would be beneficial in healing my body. For the last two years I was dealing with a constant and painful backache before my cycles. Along with the backache came nausea. The options given to me were to just cope with the discomfort or try a lower dose of birth control. After five years I decided to go off the birth control and needed to regulate my cycles once again. Along with these concerns I was dealing with having to go through a break up and was unable to eat, sleep or deal well emotionally. I felt for me the first thing was to try some bodywork. My body had to cope with too many stressors at one time. After meeting and receiving a pulse reading from Andrew at the Farmers Market, I decided to explore the idea of Acupuncture. From that brief meeting he was able to assess that my eating, sleeping and emotional patterns were not healthy and completely off balance. The hardest part in allowing yourself to heal is the obstacle of finding someone you feel comfortable with, that they are listening to your concerns and that they will work with you. After that first assessment I felt open to trying Acupuncture, Andrew was able to make me feel at ease as well as explain clearly how he made his reading. We first dealt with balancing out the emotional aspect, and the two together, acupuncture and herbs first helped eliminate the dreams that were keeping me from sleeping. It also helped calm my body (heart) and my mind so that sleep would come. I went once a week for treatments for about three months. Each session we would check in to see how the herbs had worked and whether he needed to change anything. With the weekly acupuncture and herb treatments, after three months I felt myself balancing out emotionally. I was able to sleep and no longer having the dreams. My cycle became regular which in turn helped the emotional aspect. I am no longer dealing with the backache and nausea. I believe all these things aggravated the other symptoms but my body really responded well to healing holistically. I appreciate Andrew’s ability to connect to me as a person and not just see the health problem(s).

    Thank you…


  • A session with April is truly good for the body and soul, and I've always experienced deep relaxation and rejuvenation from her massages. Recently, I was particularly distraught and emotionally distressed, and at the end of a massage April added on a craniosacral adjustment. When I left, I was in an entirely different space, and felt better than I had in days. It truly was a 'shift', and healing for me at a very difficult time in my life.

  • I just wanted to send out a special thanks for putting the extra mile out for me today. I'm sorry you mixed those herbs...I hope someone else can use them. The tonic feels good in my lungs. My energy feels a bit lifted. My fingers feel a lot better (silly deena) and my gratitude is full. You are very appreciated in my life. Just wanted you to know.


  • Dear Andrew,

    I came to you after suffering since May with headaches. They were unrelieved after multiple trips to physicians and a variety of medications and therapies. I am so grateful to have found you and to say that my headaches are finally under control. I appreciate the time you took to understand how my headaches were affecting more than just my head. You also researched how to relieve my jaw pain and added treatments to release neck and back tension. Your thorough approach has been invaluable. Thank you.

    In the future I will not hesitate to return for acupuncture therapy. It will be a first line therapy for me.


  • I have been meaning to write an update email for some time and just keep forgetting to do so. I want to let you know how thrilled I am the equilibrium we worked to achieve seems to be sticking. I continue to been UTI free, the sweats are mild and infrequent and my "focus issues" are an issue of the past.


    Thank you for the gift of your knowledge.

  • Just over a year ago I was given the gift of Andrew Maloney. I suffered from clinical depression and an anxiety disorder, along with IBS & a variety of other internal imbalances. I had just finished a book on the benefits of hopelessness, so I went into my 1st visit without great expectations. He proposed questions to many of my statements, such as "I need to be fixed..." "Do you?" As annoying as a question like that is for someone entertaining their own misery everyday, the simple "do you?" began to shift my mind out of the mindset of, "something's wrong with me." I realized just that thought alone could keep me sick and in need of help for my entire life! The first week of acupuncture and herbs kicked some hope back into my heels that I wouldn't have to live on mood stabilizers, anti-depressants/anxieties & laxatives to be ok the rest of my life. No no, that wouldn't have to be the way at all I came to find. Only 6 months or so into my weekly visits with Andrew was when we teamed up with my psychiatrist and began to wean me off of my pharmaceuticals and solely onto a Chinese herbal regime. Thinking back on the way it felt walking into Jade Mountain Health that first day to how I am now brings about an overwhelming feeling of empowerment ~ with Andrew's accompaniment, I conquered the common westernized belief & fear around depression being me & being my life. IT is not me, and with restored internal balance, I don't have to be IT. Through my enjoyable work with Andrew, he has helped to instill strength within the core of my being. That strength is now me, and grows each day that I am now mentally & emotionally able to take my life into my own capable hands; no fixing necessary!

    ~ Thankfully yours ~

  • "I have utilized Andrew Maloney's services and expertise for over a year in treating my Asthma, Chronic Fatigue, and Gastrointestinal concerns. His compassion, insightfulness, trustworthiness, and sensitivity to the well being of others help to make him truly an exceptional practitioner. Through Andrew's work to restore my body back to balance, I have been able to experience a level of health and wellness that goes beyond what traditional medicine has been able to offer me. I now have a restored faith in my body's ability to heal itself through natural means. "

  • You had asked me to follow up with you regarding the new formula. I don't know how you do it but you seem to be on the right track. Sleep is improving - Monday night and Tuesday night were especially good. Last night I woke up several times and had some crazy, wild dreams, but it was still better than normal. I have continued to take half of my Ambien (zolpidem) and depending on how the next couple of nights go I may try not using it over the weekend.

    Additionally the crankiness in my low back is much better and the tenderness on the inside of my elbows and the bottom of my feet is gone. I hadn't even mentioned those because it didn't occur to me that it was related. They have been a problem in the past but had pretty much disappeared and had only come back recently.

    The tinnitus is still there - perhaps slightly better and certainly no worse. I'll keep you posted if I notice anything else good or bad.

    Oh, and I think my hip responds well to the cupping - it seems like I get the most improvement when you do that although it may be the cupping in conjunction with all of the other work that you do.

  • Andrew,

    I just wanted to write to say THANK YOU so much from the bottom of my toes. Words can’t really describe how incredibly happy I am with your accupuncture and herb treatment.

    I came to you after a recommendation from my other half. At first I was a little skeptical that you would be able to do anything for me as my feet have been numb from the mid foot down to the toes and getting progressively worse. It started out in my left foot with my toes going numb and feeling like my toes were asleep and just waking back up – that tingling sensation. Then as time went on, the numbness got worse and started to involve more toes and then began to move further up my foot. It started to develop in my right foot as well. I would get shooting pains or more like the nerves firing involuntarily into my feet and toes, this has been going on for about 5 years. I never thought I would be able to have feeling back in my feet.

    After having been disappointed with Western medicine and having a Neurologist examine my feet and say there is nothing wrong with the nerves in my feet. He performed a test using something like acupunture needles and running current between several points in both my legs and feet, measuring how fast the current would travel down the nerves. He then said everything was normal, except that my feet were still numb and getting worse.

    I can’t believe the progress that you were able to accomplish, I NEVER THOUGHT I would recover ANY feeling in my feet, in fact I thought I would be crippled or end up in a wheelchair in my old age. But for the first time in about 5 years, after finishing up the 6th or 7th session, when I stepped onto the carpet I could feel the texture of the carpet. To me it was a miracle. Our continued progress is fantastic, we are down to the just the toes being numb and I am looking forward to the day when my toes and feet will be back to normal.

    Yours in awe,

  • In regards to my treatment for noticeable anxiety issues accompanied by sleep deprivation, Andrew’s treatment proved effective when I noticed a much more calm and stable approach to everyday stressful situations and began sleeping through the night. I recommend acupuncture treatment to anyone who experiences extreme anxiety and/or sleep deprivation.

  • I started seeing Andrew for severe PMS, severe cramping, and very heavy and irregular periods. I had experienced these symptoms my entire life and doctors told me that the only thing that could help was to go on birth control, which I was unwilling to do. A friend convinced me to try acupuncture (I was very skeptical, but felt I had no other options) and after seeing Andrew, for the first time in my life I had no premenstrual symptoms and I had a light and painless menstruation! To my surprise my cycle regulated to exactly 30 days and stayed regular. I can't believe that I spent so many years of my life in such awful pain and discomfort thinking there was nothing that could be done. I have found that medical treatment in the U.S. focuses mainly on treating symptoms through medication which often causes many side effects without actually solving the problem; Chinese medicine is an approach that can truly cure and it is now my first choice for treatment for any of my illnesses or injuries.

  • "I am not sure if I can put into words how much Andrew Maloney has helped me. I started having severe headaches in September and was hospitalized for 13 days in October and no relief or diagnosis. The doctors said a virus maybe. I was on a leave of absence from my job until January the next year and on various pain medications. Somewhat better but not pain free. In June the Headaches were unbearable again and I chose another neurologist for a second opinion. We tired different medications again without results. I have been diagnosed with begign intracranial hypertension - pressure on the brain with the absence of a tumor. My neurologist is a highly regarded physician in the Boulder, CO area. I did consult with her before attempting the acupuncture route. Her comment was at this point we will try anything to make you better. I started getting results after my first visit with Andrew. He is a miracle worker!"

  • "I originally began seeing Andrew at Jade Mountain Health in order to reduce my cholesterol. He has helped lower my cholesterol, but additionally, he has helped me with stress, anxiety and back and neck pain. I have even stopped seeing my chiropractor because Andrew has alleviated so much of my back pain. Not only does Andrew do needle work on me, he also does cupping for my back and neck and makes me a weekly batch of Chinese herbs that I brew into a tea. I highly recommend Andrew and know that he produces tangible results."

  • "I went to Andrew when I was 9 months pregnant because my doctor wanted to induce me and I wanted to go into labor on my own terms. I was really nervous about the acupuncture because I have never tried it before. I had nothing to fear because Andrew is really good at his job. He makes you at ease before you even lay on the table. It was evident to me that this wasn't just a job to Andrew but a passion. He gives you his undivided attention during the appointment and does everything he can to eliminate the discomfort you are feeling.

    My first appointment was on a Friday, and my actual due day. During the acupuncture my contractions started to become regular and more intense. I also felt a sense of energy at the end of the appointment, which felt wonderful. My contractions continued through the weekend but they would start and stop. I saw Andrew again on Monday. After the acupuncture he gave me some herbs and asked me, "Are you ready to have this baby today?" Although I was nervous, I was ready to meet my son.

    My contractions continued through the day and I drank my herb tea prior to breakfast, lunch and sinner. I went to sleep and when I woke up at 2:00 am I knew I was going to have the baby soon. My husband and I went to the hospital at 3:00 am and my son was born at 7:30 am. I am so thankful that Andrew helped my have my son on my own terms! "

  • Thanks to Andrew and my time at Jade Mountain Health I've gone from barely making it thru the day to really living.  They are responsible for turning my dizziness and extreme fatigue into energy and a feeling of well being.  I'm so glad I discovered them and I recommend their services to anyone seeking to make a difference in their lives healthwise.

  • Andrew is absolutely fantastic! He has helped me get past a number of minor health / comfort issues and has helped me reach a new levels of relaxation with acupuncture treatments and chinese herbs in high stress times. His North Boulder office has nice airy private rooms and is in a very quiet and peaceful area that encourages the treatment.

  • "Andrew Maloney is an expert in both acupuncture and with the administration of Chinese herbs, as far as I'm concerned. He has relieved my sleep difficulties with his herbs, as well as the hot flashes that went with them. And his acupuncture has gotten rid of a terrible backache that I have had for the last 3 years."

    "His skills have given me more relief in three weeks than any other medical modality has given me in the last 3 years! Not regular doctors, or chiropractors, or osteopaths, or naturopaths have been able to give me anywhere the relief he has. I feel wonderful and I thank Andrew Maloney!"