Andrew Maloney, L.Ac. MSOM

Andrew Maloney a certified and licensed practitioner of acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine spent five of his nine years of study in Taiwan interning with and being supervised Dr. You Mao Ling, Dr Chen Jun Liang and Dr. Yang Shu Ling.

In his experiences abroad he gained deeper insight into the use of Chinese herbal medicine and the use of herbal concentrates. Andrew has lectured on Chinese Herbal Medicine for the last two years.

In creating Jade Mountain Health, Andrew envisioned an atmosphere that is friendly and compassionate where he would take time with each patient to educate them regarding the direction of their treatment, answer all their questions, make suggestions regarding food therapy, and lifestyle changes as well as giving them herbal remedies. Andrew's goal is to treat each patient with respect, kindness, and understanding thereby forming a Practitioner, patient relationship that builds trust and understanding.

My commitment to my patients is to use my skills in a partnership with them to enable them to improve their quality of life and to enhance their feeling of well being.

In my years as a practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine I have seen people make what appeared to me amazing transitions. They would come for a treatment with a special problem or concern and find that after treatment they hadn't realized the burden that they had carried."

-Andrew Maloney