• Gynecology In Chinese Medicine

    Chinese Medicine has a 3,000 year history of treating imbalances in women’s health and still plays a valuable role in treatment today.  Modern day imbalance, though altered by chemicals in the air and water as well hormones in food, has remained a strength in Chinese medicine. 

  • Luo Dong

    I was tired of my situation.  Tired of my Tai Chi teacher’s need to throw his students to the ground in order to demonstrate his prowess and infallible pride.  I decided to take to the road, hitch hiking to the distant village of Luo Dong, and a clinic that I had only heard about through other practitioners of Chinese medicine.

  • Post-Partum Depression from the Chinese Perspective

    Having a woman come into my office complaining of fatigue, dizziness, depression, and a lack of desire for anything outside of sleep after giving birth two months occurs often. This is a pattern that more and more women experience as modern day demands require that they return to work sometimes only days after giving birth. It never ceases to amaze me the power these women have to juggle so many demands and still stay sane and healthy.

  • Immunity in TCM

    Chinese Medicine with its ability to balance the body can further ones sense of well-being and their immunity among many other things. When the body is in balance it can focus on it’s daily duties of maintaining our bodies ability to digest food, clean out the wastes in the system and keep bacteria and viruses from taking advantage of an unbalanced body.

  • Happiness According to Chinese Medicine

    In our everyday lives we seek out the things that make us smile and laugh. We tend to treasure the comfortable, convenient and quick. We have homes to keep us warm and food in the refrigerator with a car in the driveway and a bike in the garage. We want life, simply put, joyful and easy, but does this bring true happiness? If it does then why do we keep seeking more, and is there any end to our quest? This is because a life focused on happiness is too narrow an objective to be truly fulfilled and an openness to a wider experience is necessary.

  • SAD

    Seasonal Affective Disorder